Our Initiative To Fight Against COVID-19

We understand the urgent need for PPE’s during this current and unexpected global COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

The strain that the coronavirus is inflicting upon the global health sector is devastating—critical shortages of supplies, high-risk circumstances for medical staff and dwindling funds for many health care facilities.

N95 respirators and other forms of filtering face masks are in short supply. Our healthcare workers do not have the protection they need to safely care for the hundreds of thousands of victims of the COVID-19 Coronavirus that is sweeping the globe.

There are reports that in hospitals across the country masks ran out, facing SEVERE SHORTAGE of PPE’s this puts an undue risk, and this indirectly affects the community at large. Physicians were getting sick, and they were needing to use bleached bandanas and rags to wear in the protection of themselves and their families.

Our health care heroes are pleading for the necessary gear to keep them and their patients safe. As supplies continue to dwindle, alternatives to the conventional use of PPE are necessary. Data has shown that DIY and homemade masks can be an effective alternative to surgical masks for capturing viruses.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, many people are seeking direction on how to provide help in the face of a pandemic of such magnitude. As per CDC guidelines, fabric face masks are best used to protect existing N95s and surgical masks. Fabric face masks worn alone to provide some filtration are also an emergency option when PPE is not available. However, it is known that these masks do not provide the same level of protection as surgical masks or N95 masks.

Our goal is to get the right supplies to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, including doctors, nurses, first responders, and even essential workers who are working in grocery stores, and other essential facilities.

We urge all our community members to help address this shortfall, and we are organizing a network of makers to sign up as volunteers to provide homemade FACE MASKS, CAPS, GOWNS AND FACE SHIELDS to hospitals, health care facilities and essential workers in need. All the makers consider joining the efforts of making the Mask, face shield or 3D printing.  We are looking for makers with sewing machines for making masks, and 3D printers for face shield, the skill set to produce this essential safety equipment and the ability to ship if you choose to do so.

If we can all join together to build this network we can help our heroes on the front lines.  We are in this together!!!


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